The Complete Dental Experience at Vitality

At Vitality Dentistry, we offer a fully customized “teeth in a day” solution.

Our process allows you to come in for your treatment, and a few hours later, leave with your new fully fixed dental implant-supported bridges*.

How do we do this?

Your initial appointment with us involves a discussion of your needs and goals for your treatment, a 3D CBCT scan, and optical scans of your teeth. We will then discuss all options available to you.

Once you have decided on a course of treatment, Dr. Singh will put his many, many years of experience to work in planning the placement of your dental implants (6+ implants) and the design of your dental implant bridges to idealize your bite (chewing function) and smile (esthetics). Once this has been approved by you, the design of your computer-generated surgical guides and fixed implant-supported bridges begins. The surgical guides are printed in our 3D printer and your bridges are custom milled in our on-site dental lab.

Because all of this work is done ahead of time, it allows us to complete your treatment efficiently and quickly in just one appointment.

Vitality’s “teeth in a day” philosophy is to preserve and build up (augment) your bone resulting in minimal discomfort, bleeding, and downtime after your procedure. This means you can get back to your normal routines almost immediately. 

Traditional “all-on-4” teeth-in-a-day solutions (only 4 implants) involve invasive procedures that cut away your bone. This usually results in increased pain, swelling, bleeding, bruising, risk of infection, and even weeks in bed.

(* These are temporary bridges that will be replaced by permanent bridges once the implants have fully integrated).

Immediate Implants

This term refers to the process of removing a tooth and placing a dental implant during the same visit.

An “immediate implant” means that the implant is placed at the same time that the tooth is removed. An immediate implant can be placed using a conventional approach or using computer-guided technology.

We feature precise and least invasive computer-guided dental implants for all Dental Implant Solutions!!

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