Dental Implants & Jawbone Health

How a Dental Implant Procedure Can Improve Jawbone Health

Jason Premature Aging Gap

When teeth are lost, the bone around the teeth is also lost. Furthermore, lack of stimulation of the jawbone because of these missing teeth causes further shrinkage in the volume of bone in the jaw. Like other bones in your body, the jawbone needs stimulation in order to maintain itself. When they are not stimulated through the pressures created by chewing, the bone starts to deteriorate. As the jawbones shrink, the chin gets closer to the nose as the patient closes further and further together. Therefore, the person’s facial profile changes which causes them to look much older than they actually are (premature aging). Full arch All-on-6 implant bridges can be used to correct the bite and restore facial proportions thereby resulting a more youthful look.