The Digital Experience

Higher accuracy, better imaging, faster service and overall better treatment for you, our patient.

What is Digital Dentistry

Providing our in-house clinicians with the most advanced technology and equipment in the dental industry means your results are much more accurate than with traditional methods. The range of error in our process is so small, it’s invisible to the naked eye. The process itself has also been streamlined with as few disruptions as possible to minimize the chance for human error. This level of accuracy and precision means you stay comfortable, recover quickly and enjoy the long term benefits of digital dentistry.
3D Digital Imaging​

Benefits of Digital Dentistry

Better Imaging

Our onsite 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner can see your teeth, roots, jaw bone, nerves and any infection from nearly any angle.

No Gagging

Intraoral digital scanners replace the need to take dental impressions of your teeth. No goo-filled trays!

More Precision

Technology superior to the human eye; margins of error less than the width of a human hair.

Customized Sterilization Center

Our dental instruments are scanned and documented into your chart so you know that thorough sterilization procedures were followed.

A Tooth in an Hour

Using our 3D Smile Design Technology, we can design and show you your new smile in less than 30 minutes.

Smile Design

Our clinicians design, create and place your permanent crown or dental implant in a single appointment!