Benefits of Revolutionary Digital Implant Dentistry

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Our Mission is to provide the complete range of Dental Implant services, from a single implant to a complete full mouth reconstruction, in the quickest, most precise and least invasive manner possible.

Conventional Dental Implants

Conventional Dental Implants are typically placed into areas where the natural teeth have been lost more than nine months previously. Nine months is required for the bone to fully heal. In this method of Dental Implant Placement (surgery), the gums are cut and then peeled off the underlying bone and the dentist uses his experience and judgement to place the implant by using measurements or “by eye” into the bone. This is the traditional/original method for placing implants.

Computer Guided Dental Implants

Technology changes everything! The future of Dental Implants is here! Advanced techniques & technology have created the process called Computer-Guided Dental Implants. How does this benefit you? Compared to Conventional dental implant methods, Computer-Guided dental implants are more precise, less invasive, quicker, and usually require no stitches. They cause less pain / discomfort, little or no bleeding & little or no swelling.

"All-on-4" Dental Implant Solutions

The All-on-4® treatment concept is a cost-efficient solution that provides patients with a fixed full-arch prosthesis on the day of surgery.

Characteristics include:

  • Full-arch rehabilitation with only four implants
    Two straight anterior implants and two implants tilted up to 45º in the posterior
  • Immediate Function (fixed provisional bridge)
    For patients meeting criteria for immediate loading of implants
  • “Graftless” procedure
    Bone grafting into areas such as the sinuses is avoided by tilting the posterior implants to allow the placement of longer implants and utilizing available bone.

"All-on-6" Dental Implant Solutions

The “All-on-6” procedure is designed as a permanent solution for the complete replacement of failing or missing teeth in the upper and/or lower jaws. This procedure uses 6 (or more) implants instead of similar procedures utilizing only 4 implants (“All-on-4”).

Immediate Dental Implants

Under certain circumstances, it may be advantageous to place an immediate dental implant. The term “Immediate Dental Implant” means that the Dental Implant is placed “immediately” (at the same appointment) when the defective tooth is removed. The space created by removing the root of the original tooth is modified to accommodate the titanium implant, and the implant is then placed “immediately” upon removal of the defective root.

Dental Implant Costs

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