Frequently Asked Questions About Family Dentistry

Vitality Dentistry is committed to giving your child a positive dental experience to set the tone for future visits. Your child’s appointment will depend on their willingness to participate and may include x-rays, an examination by the dentist and a cleaning by the hygienist.

Children are welcome for the first appointment and cleaning around the age of 3. Please don’t hesitate to call if you become concerned about the oral health of your child at any age.

No. Your comfort is our top priority. If you feel anxious about visiting the dentist let us know. We would love to find a way to give you a positive dental experience.

The length of your appointment depends on what needs to be done. Typically a cleaning and check-up takes approximately 1 hour.

The cost of your service will depend on what you need to have done. You may only need to see a hygienist, you may need x-rays or other available services. For more information on the possible cost of your appointment call to speak to a member of our team.