Cilia – Dental Implant Patient

Cilia Before & After Dental Implant

Cilia Before & After Dental Implant

Cilia believes her investment in computer-guided implant treatment was the best decision she made!

Please describe in your own words computer-guided dental implant treatment.

Tell us about your experience with the Vitality team

I was referred by a friend that had computer-guided dental implant treatment with Dr. Singh.

What is your opinion and message for others about cutting gums?

Would you consider traditional dental implant after knowing that computer-guided is available now?

What do you think about Dr. Singh and his vision of offering technology advancements in dentistry?

How did you benefit from the latest technology in dentistry?

How did computer guided dental implant procedures impact your life

Tell us about your new smile, your confidence level and how you are being treated now?

Can you tell us about your experience at Vitality Dentistry?

Can you tell us about your speedy recovery, and do you think you did the right thing?

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