Periodontal Care

A Periodontal Assessment is Vital for Healthy Gums

Periodontal (gum) disease, including gingivitis and periodontitis, are serious infections that occur when a bacterial infection develops in the gums, ligaments and bone which support your teeth. If left uncontrolled, gums become inflamed and bleed. This can be painful and may lead to bone loss, receding gums, and even tooth loss.

The Digital Difference

Early adoption of the latest in dental technology means the highest accuracy, better imaging, faster service and overall better treatment for you.

Vitality Dentistry has a variety of highly specialized dental materials and equipment and a team of certified specialists who are on the cutting-edge of dental technology. Periodontal care is afforded greater accuracy, dramatically improved healing times and consistently better results by advanced equipment like the Dental Laser, and Ultrasonic Scalers which use high frequency sound to remove gum-disease-causing plaque and tartar build-up. To learn more about how modern dentistry can help you, call us today.