Personalized Care​

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What does Personalized Care mean for you?

Customized Care Means Creative Problem Solving.
Dr. Raj Singh and the team utilize the most innovative and current dental implant, cosmetic and restoration techniques & technology to improve the quality of treatment and patient experience offered to our patients. Our philosophy is to be as conservative and non-invasive as possible.

Customized Care Means Communication.
A dedicated personal Treatment Coordinator compassionately and clearly explains all of your treatment options. The Treatment Coordinator ensures you understand and are comfortable with all of the procedures and that the treatment plan is created specifically to accomplish your goals, and to address all of your needs.

Customized Care Means Comfort.
New Sirona Treatment Centres with ergonomic features which include adjustable lumbar support, ergonomic headrests, improved sterilization & disinfection systems, higher resolution imaging, and low-glare LED lights offer you the ultimate in comfort.

Customized Care Means Cleanliness.
Our commitment to providing you as clean and safe an environment as possible includes many features such as Surgically Clean Air units positioned around the office, antibacterial flooring, dust-free floral arrangements, non-porous countertops… just to name a few…

Customized Care Means Fair Pricing.
Our procedures are based on the current Ontario Dental Association Suggested Fee Guide.

Customized Care Is A Conscious Decision.
Every day, the Dentistry at Vitality Health Team strives to provide the highest standards of patient care and deliver true value to all of our patients.

A Statement on The Economy And Business Today… Cheapest Cost vs Best Value
In today’s competitive market, many businesses are looking to improve their profitability by reducing their costs. They outsource services and cut costs by utilizing outdated techniques or technology, purchasing inferior components, and employing the least expensive labour force. Perhaps you’ve experienced the unfortunate outcomes of these decisions; a frustrating call to a support centre, a product that stops working just days after the warranty expires, or a product that needs constant service/repairs and costs you additional money and time.

Consumers often suffer when businesses cut corners to improve their profitability or decrease cost.

Contrary to this trend, we believe that true value for our patient (the consumer) is only realized when their investment improves their health and quality of life and serves them for a long time, with only routine maintenance being necessary.

Quality therefore is the Best Value … and your long term cost is lower!

This is why we continually invest in new techniques and technology, highly trained personnel, new workflows and methodology and proven dental components and materials to provide solutions that minimize your downtime, function well and stand the test of time.

Come visit us and experience the Satisfaction of Customized Quality Care and long term Value.

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