The Benefits of Dental Implants

Question #1: What is a dental implant & when are implants used?

Dr. Singh: Dental Implants are “artificial tooth roots” made of titanium that can fuse with a patient’s bone (in a process called osseointegration). These implants can then form the foundation upon which a range of prosthetic dental solutions can be built. Dental implant solutions can take the form of single teeth, multiple teeth (bridges), entire sets of teeth (called arches), or implant-supported dentures.

Question #2: How could having a dental implant benefit me?

Dr. Singh: Having a dental implant placed can benefit a person in many ways. Implant solutions can help someone to look and feel better, be more confident, and can improve your oral and overall health. Dental Implants can provide improved design, function, and appearance of missing or failed teeth. For example, implant solutions can create a better bite, rebuild a collapsing bite thereby “reversing” the aging process, and improve chewing ability which can dramatically improve a person’s nutrition. Other benefits include improved self-confidence, the ability to smile more, and overall sense of happiness. Dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth, which also helps to keep the dentition in a state of equilibrium, thereby preventing the drifting of adjacent teeth into the spaces of the missing teeth. Implants also act as a stimulus within the bone to help keep your bone healthy and prevent bone loss.

Question #3: Is it difficult to have an implant placed?

Dr. Singh: Dental Implant placement surgery has come a very long way and our current state-of-the-art Computer-guided implant placement process allows for a quick, easy, precise, and painless implant placement. Patients sometimes have a computer-guided implant placed and go on with their daily routine, or even go back to work the same day! Without the right experience, training, and technology, it can be difficult to have an implant placed. However, our advanced technology, diligent implant team and years of experience with many cases, allows us to place dental implants with ease!

Question #4: Why would getting dental Implants with the Vitality Dental Implant program be better than having them anywhere else?

Dr. Singh: I have been placing dental implants since 1995 and have been a practicing Dentist (DDS) since 1985. I was trained by Dr. George Zarb who worked alongside Dr. Per-Ingvar Branemark from Sweden, who was the first DDS to develop the dental implant technology and successfully place the first ever dental implant. I completed my training at a residency placement at the University of Toronto under the guidance of Dr. George Zarb, who is also responsible for bringing dental implant technology to North America. Due to this extensive experience and many years of placing implants, I believe myself and my team are able to provide the best possible treatment for those needing dental implant solutions. With the Vitality Dental Implant Treatment Program, we aim to be on top of dental implant technology, providing only the best and most advanced services available anywhere. We constantly incorporate advances in technology and techniques to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care available. Our implant process is proven to be efficient and successful over many years!

Question #5: What can I expect from my dental implant treatment with Vitality?

Dr. Singh: Each patient can expect a unique, personalized experience. We will develop an individualized treatment plan from thorough discussions involving myself, our Dental Implant team and you, based on your needs and expectations. Excellent customer care and service will always be our top priority, and we aim to have the procedures completed in as few appointments as possible, at your convenience. You can expect the highest quality implant solutions for the best value, with one of the most experienced implant teams. Everything you need, from start to finish will be provided in one location.

Question #6: How does the pricing for what you charge for dental implants compare to elsewhere?

Dr. Singh: How does the pricing for what you charge for dental implants compare to elsewhere?
Dr. Singh: Our goal is to provide the best value on pricing for top quality dental implant solutions, anywhere in GTA and Ontario. We have many different implant options based on the needs of your specific situation. We offer the best overall cost for the value and quality that you get for any unique solution, which includes our efficient computer guided dental implant process, compared to other conventional methods offered elsewhere.