The Vitality Peace of Mind Program

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We'd like to introduce you to The Vitality Peace of Mind Program.

It encompasses all aspects of recommendations & best practices from the RCDS, CDHO, ODA, Public Health

Some aspects of this program are:

  • Comprehensive training of staff on all new required procedures
  • Screening of every person who enters the building, including each staff member
  • Avoiding any unnecessary contact with others
  • Isolation of Treatment Rooms
  • Anti-microbial treatment of all floors
  • Minimalistic Tx rooms – nothing stored in Treatment rooms
  • Use of solid surfaces and membrane switches in each Treatment room
  • Flushing of all waterlines and evacuation hoses after each patient
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the entire room after each patient
  • In addition to our indoor Tropical Rainforest, which is a natural way of cleaning and humidifying the air in our facility, we have 5 different Levels of Air Cleaning and Purification
    • HEPA filters on HVAC systems
    • 6 Surgically Clean Air systems throughout the office
    • Invisiclean 4 stage air filtration and UV-C disinfection systems in each operatory
    • Extra-oral high-volume evacuation units in each Operatory
    • Intra-Oral high-volume evacuation units
  • Sterilization of all Instruments using the SterilWize system for validation
  • Managing of airflow within the office
  • Controlling and managing all aerosols generated during treatment
  • Contactless methods appointment management, insurance submission and payment

The Vitality Peace of Mind Program is dynamic and will keep evolving as we think of ways to improve your care.