Cost of Dental Implants

Ask Yourself the following Questions

What type of implant will be best for your solution?
Do you need bone grafting?
How will you benefit from 3D Cone Beam CT Implant Planning?
Do you want a computer-guided implant or traditional open surgery?
Do you need to have any teeth removed prior to implant placement?
For full arch cases, do you need your bite corrected?
What type of final restoration do you want? Porcelain, Zirconia, & Acrylic restorations?

Once we have answers to these solutions, we can will provide you with a firm estimate of all fees for your customized implant solution.

We pride ourselves in providing the complete range of current technology and solutions in our facility that is entirely dedicated to dentistry. This allows us to be able to provide the option that is best for your solution.

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Cost of Dental Implants

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Our Mission at Dentistry at Vitality Health

Our mission is to provide the complete range of Dental Implant services, from a single implant to a complete full mouth reconstruction, in the quickest, most precise and least invasive manner possible.

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