Onsite Digital Laboratory

Digital Design & Production

Dentistry at Vitality is one of the first dental centers in Canada to offer a complete onsite digital dental laboratory supported by an experienced dental technologist.

Our goal is to combine the benefits of modern techniques and technology with experienced practitioners to deliver overall long-term solutions that are in the best interests of our patients. Streamlined workflows with improved communication allows quicker fabrication & customization of restorations.

Dentistry at Vitality is one of the first dental centres in Canada to offer a complete onsite digital dental laboratory supported by an experienced laboratory.

Our dental center provides the complete spectrum of Implant, Cosmetic & Family dental services in one convenient beautiful facility that is dedicated entirely to Dentistry.

For Implant Dentistry, we provide everything from 3D Digital Dental CT scans, Digital Implant Planning, Digitally Milled & 3D Printed Computer-Guide fabrication, and a lab for digital fabrication of crowns, veneers & implant-supported restorations.

Our Scan – Design – Mill – Customization process is incredibly accurate, much more accurate than traditional method. The accuracy of these digital processes is measured in microns. To understand how diminutive this is, it’s helpful to know that a blood cell is between five and ten microns and a single human hair is between 75 and 100 microns. The traditional method consists of a large number of steps with the potential for error and degradation at each step.

Our lab is lead by senior lab technician Koby Ben Bassat who has over 30 years of experience in fixed and removable prosthetics and Porcelain shading & customization.

The lab is comprised of a variety of highly specialized dental materials and equipment. Below are some highlights of the more impressive pieces of technology.

3Shape Trios Wireless 3D Scanner. No more gooey impressions. Our Wireless 3D Scanner eliminates trays of impression compound and allows us to easily scan your teeth, mouth and gums using a device with a wand not much bigger than a toothbrush. Not only is this method more comfortable for you; it also delivers much higher accuracy than the old method.

Amann Girrbach DNA Generation Digital Dental Mill. Our new high-performance mill can create several different types of dental solutions such as full dentures, implants, crowns and computer-guides, using milling, grinding and carving modes in both wet and dry processing environments. Previously, we had to outsource the production of these restorations, but now we can produce them in-house for a quicker turnaround.

Amann Girrbach Sintering Furnace. Ceramic sintering is the process where heat, and sometimes pressure, transforms a ceramic material, reducing porosity and increasing particle density and other properties, such as strength and translucency, are often enhanced.

3Shape D2000 model scanner. Allows digital scanning of traditional models or impressions.

Stratasys E260 3-D Printer. Our new 3D Printer is powerful; fabricating a combination of 5 different resins to create computer guides for implant surgery, mouth guards, models prototypes and dental appliances.

3Shape Dental System & Implant Studio Software is a powerful suite of design software that allows us to create completely digital restorations. Our workflow is streamlined as our entire system is integrated; We are able to collaborate & share information readily and efficiently.

Other Features Include:

  • Dedicated Shading and Staining Room. The lighting in this room replicates natural daylight to provide ideal color matching.
  • During the insertion of the final cosmetic veneer, crown or implant, any minor adjustments can be immediately addressed. This improves efficiency and patient satisfaction and ensures a better result.
  • On-site problem-solving. Bite correction, shape or shade correction, adjustments and alterations can be done in just one visit. This eliminates a patient have to return for multiple visits.
  • Personal Touch. Our lab is personally invested in the treatment of every patient and treats every case with a personal touch.

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