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Computer Guided Dental Implants

Minimally Invasive, with little or no downtime, this is the future! Find out how these techniques and technology can benefit you in the short and long term. Book a Free Consultation to learn more.

Conventional Dental Implants

Do you still use the Yellow Pages? Well, Conventional Dental Implants are the old way of placing dental implants. Compare Computer Guided vs. Conventional and then decide for yourself.

Single Visit Implant Solutions

Today’s digital techniques and technologies utilizing 3DCT planning facilitate the removal of a tooth, and its replacement with an implant and a provisional crown in a single visit (there are exceptions). Get back to work or play right away.

Concerned about dental implant cost?

Well, you should be. Watch This video.

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Same Day Transformation with Computer Guided Dental Implants

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Dental Implant Solutions With Computer Guided Dental Implants

Planning & Design

Planning and designing the ideal smile based on your needs are critical because it is the foundation for your entire smile.

Quick Placement

A computer guided dental implant can be placed in less than 5 minutes.

Healing Time

The healing time of gums is virtually zero compared to conventional implant surgery, which can take 1-2 weeks. 


  • Less pain/discomfort
  • Little or no bleeding/swelling
  • Usually requires no stitches
  • Minimized risk of infection 

The Next Step: 2 Options to Consider

Option 1: Book A Free Consultation

The session Includes:

  • Learning about your needs
  • Educating you about various options, including computer guided dental implants, average costs, etc.
  • Providing you with answers to all your general questions
  • Informing you about the pros and cons of all currently available treatment options
  • Typical 1-on-1 consultation sessions last about 30 minutes

Option 2: Book A Detailed Assessment & Personalized Treatment Plan ($299)

The session Includes:

  • For treatment options customized to your situation, we need a digital 3D CT Scan, IntraOral Scan, assessment and development of treatment options $799 – limited time offer $299
  • Alternatively, you can bring your 3D Scan to your consultation session
  • The whole process can take 1.5-2 hours.
  • Every patient and every solution is unique. We aim to personalize your treatment option to your needs instead of just giving you a generic solution.
  • This also allows us to provide you with a firm quote for your treatment options instead of a rough estimate.
Meet Dr. Raj Singh. D.D.S.
  • The first dentist to provide computer guided dental implants in North America
  • The first dentist in North America to implement digital CAD-CAM CEREC 2 technology (1995)
  • 28+ years of experience in design, surgical placement & restoration of dental implants
  • 18+ years of experience in the design, placement & restoration of computer guided dental implants
  • Featured on CTV, TVO and Rogers TV
  • Featured in The Toronto Star, the Toronto Sun, Oral Health Magazine, the Buffalo Standard, Dentistry Today, McKenzie Management, the University of British Columbia and the University of Western Ontario among others…

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