Our Facility & Digital Lab

We warmly welcome you to Dentistry at Vitality Health where we blend the rich legacy of 38+ years in all aspects of dentistry with the latest digital dental technology. As a full-service modern dental facility, including our 7 dental operatories and dedicated digital dental laboratory, we pride ourselves in offering the full spectrum of dental services and treatments to our valued patients across Ontario.

A Digital Facility Dedicated Exclusively to Dentistry

Having all aspects of Dental Implant Services necessary for the complete Dental Implant Solution in one highly integrated facility, is one of the biggest benefits to our patients.

From the examination, 3D CT Scan imaging, digital Virtual Dental Implant planning for an ideal restoration and the fabrication of the temporary and digital final restorations, our facility is completely equipped for your benefit and convenience. This integrated approach can save you several visits to multiple locations and dental professionals, and save you time and money.

As an added bonus, our facility is designed with you in mind. Each of our treatment rooms has skylights, ergonomically designed chairs and feature Sirona Technology.

Our Modern All Inclusive Facility

The Vitality Experience will allow you access to premium dentistry like you never had before. We have invested in a clean and comfortable 7 operatory clinic which houses modern technology coupled with our in house digital dental laboratory, for All Your Dental Implant, Cosmetic & Family Needs In One Modern, Comfortable Location!

Our Facility & Virtual Tour

Digital Dental Lab

Digital Dentistry & Technology

Our Facility & Virtual Tour

Front Desk & Reception

As you enter our dental office, you area warmly greeted by our friendly staff at the front desk and reception area, who ready to assist with appointments and any administrative tasks. The space is designed for your comfort and convenience, offering a welcoming atmosphere with comfortable seating, informative materials, and a helpful team dedicated to ensuring your visit is smooth and pleasant.

Our Rainforest

Our miniature tropical rainfrest is a stunning and relaxing centerpiece in our facility. It’s a fully functioning ecosystem complete with lush greenery and vibrant flora, tranquil waterfalls, and colorful fish swimming in clear streams from the reception area down to the lab. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this rainforest also serves as a natural air purifier and humidifier, enhancing the overall well-being and ambiance of our workspace.

7 Modern Operatories

Our modern dental operatories are equipped with the latest technology, Hepa Air purification systems, and is designed to enhance patient comfort, sanitization protocols and treatment efficiency. These operatories feature ergonomic & adjustable chairs, modern dental instruments, digital X-ray systems, and computer monitors for treatment planning. The integration of technology and patient-centered design creates a contemporary, efficient, and comfortable environment for dental procedures.

Surgically Clean Air

This advanced air purification systems utilize multi-stage filtration and UV-C light technology to remove harmful particles, pathogens, and contaminants from the air, ensuring a clean and safe indoor environment for our patients and staff. Surgically Clean Air units are commonly used to enhance infection control and air quality in our entire facility

Digital Dental Lab

Dentistry at Vitality is one of the first dental centers in Canada to offer a complete onsite digital dental laboratory supported by an experienced dental technologist. Our goal is to combine the benefits of modern techniques and technology with experienced practitioners to deliver overall long-term solutions that are in the best interests of our patients. Streamlined workflows with improved communication allows quicker fabrication & customization of restorations.

For Implant Dentistry, we provide everything from 3D Digital Dental CT scans, Digital Implant Planning, Digitally Milled & 3D Printed Computer-Guide fabrication, and a lab for digital fabrication of crowns, veneers & implant-supported restorations.

Our Scan – Design – Mill – Customization process

Our process is incredibly accurate, much more accurate than traditional method. The accuracy of these digital processes is measured in microns. To understand how diminutive this is, it’s helpful to know that a blood cell is between five and ten microns and a single human hair is between 75 and 100 microns. The traditional method consists of a large number of steps with the potential for error and degradation at each step.

 Digital Dental Mill

Our new high-performance mill can create several different types of dental solutions such as full dentures, implants, crowns and computer-guides, using milling, grinding and carving modes in both wet and dry processing environments. Previously, we had to outsource the production of these restorations, but now we can produce them in-house for a quicker turnaround.

Stratasys E260 3D Printer

Our new 3D Printer is powerful; fabricating a combination of 5 different resins to create computer guides for implant surgery, mouth guards, models prototypes and dental appliances.

Einstein™ 3D Printer

Designed for superior accuracy, speed, and versatility, the Einstein 3D Printer series enable us to digitize a broad range of your applications in-house. Powered by NanoFit 385, up to 4K resolution, and HyperPrint™ software, the Einstein series delivers high-fidelity results at breakneck speeds. We can print a temporary restoration or surgical guide for you in just under 20 minutes!

Other Features
  • Dedicated Shading and Staining Room. The lighting in this room replicates natural daylight to provide ideal color matching.
  • During the insertion of the final cosmetic veneer, crown or implant, any minor adjustments can be immediately addressed. This improves efficiency and patient satisfaction and ensures a better result.
  • On-site problem-solving. Bite correction, shape or shade correction, adjustments and alterations can be done in just one visit. This eliminates a patient have to return for multiple visits.

Digital Dentistry & Technology

3D CBCT Scanner

Our 3D CBCT (3-Dimensional Cone Beam Computed Tomography) scanner allows us to examine the available jaw bone from multiple angles and gives us a very accurate view of the existing bone and adjacent anatomical structures. This digital data is utilized in planning software that allows us to virtually place the proposed dental implant precisely into the available bone

Intraoral Prime Scanner  

No more gooey impressions. Our Scanner eliminates trays of impression compound and allows us to easily scan your teeth, mouth and gums using a device with a wand not much bigger than a toothbrush. Not only is this method more comfortable for you; it also delivers much higher accuracy than the old method.

Sirona CEREC AC Omnicam single-appointment crowns

CAD-CAM system for the delivery of single-appointment Porcelain crowns, inlays, onlays and Implant crowns.

iTero Scanner

The iTero Scanner is an advanced dental technology used for digital impressions, replacing traditional messy molds. It captures highly accurate 3D images of a patient’s teeth and gums, improving diagnostics, treatment planning, and the overall patient experience in dentistry. These digital scans are essential for procedures like orthodontics, dental implants, and restorative work.

Digital Workflows

In our fully digital dental clinic, patient records, appointments, and treatment plans are managed through secure electronic health records (EHR) systems, while digital impressions and 3D imaging streamline diagnostics and treatment planning. Chairside monitors and CAD/CAM technology enable us to perform efficient same-day restorations, and in addition, we have created customized digital workflows between our in-house lab and clinic, specifically for computer guided dental implant solutions. This seamless digital workflow enhances precision, speed, and patient experience in modern dentistry.

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Dr. Singh is an excellent practitioner who along with his team consistently deliver outstanding care to their patients. They possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise and are always up to date with the latest advances, techniques and dental technology. They have a warm and welcoming style that put their patients at ease, particularly those who are nervous about dental visits. They take time to listen to concerns, and happily answer any and all questions. The office is modern, exceptionally clean, has a live-wall of plants that extend two stories and they practice the highest of standards to ensure a safe and sterile environment for their patients and staff. I would highly recommend anyone seeking dental care to feel comfortable and confident in putting your trust with them.

Kevin Tribe

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