Full Mouth All-On-6 Dental Implants – Case of the week.

Introduction and Problem

We present you with another successful, Computer Guided Dental Implant case of the week. Our patient faced the daunting reality of missing her upper teeth and had severe decay in her lower arch, resulting in fractures at the gum line of some of her teeth. This not only affected her confidence but also posed significant challenges to her overall dental function and well-being.

Consultation and Planning

After consulting with us, she was equipped with the knowledge needed to reclaim her smile and oral health. 3D scanning was done using our in house 3D CBCT scanner, 3D intra oral scanner and 3D facial scanner, to design a comprehensive treatment plan to address our patient’s unique needs and concerns, such as rebuilding her bite and lower facial height. With minimal bone in key areas, a strategic approach was imperative.

Utilizing our computer-guided technology, we meticulously planned the placement of 12 implants—6 in the upper and 6 in the lower jaw. What sets our approach apart is our commitment to bone conservation.  Rather than resorting to bone reduction, we opted for bone grafting techniques in the extraction sites and the use of the surgical guide allowed for preserving our patient’s natural bone while facilitating optimal implant integration.

Procedure and Results

On the day of surgery, we leveraged our technology and decades of experience, for precise implant placement, minimizing the risk of complications and enhancing long-term success rates.

Moreover, our approach led to minimal bleeding, virtually no swelling, and reduced post-operative discomfort—factors crucial to the patient comfort and recovery.

What’s amazing is that our patient received her transitional bridges right after implant placement! Central to our approach was the seamless coordination between our on-site lab and dedicated dental implant team. This collaboration allowed for real-time adjustments and customizations, ensuring the perfect fit and aesthetics for her new smile.

Once the implants are fully integrated months later, we will test for the placement of the final zirconia bridges.

As our patient leaves our office with a radiant smile and teeth in a day, she not only gains a restored sense of confidence but also a renewed outlook on life.

Join us as we continue to follow our patient progress and celebrate the impact of her smile makeover.

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