Dentures VS Permanent Dental Implant Bridges!

“Rediscover Your Smile: The Path to Fixed Permanent Solutions with Dental Implants”

Are you one of the countless individuals who’ve been relying on dentures for years, but now wish for a more permanent, comfortable, and natural solution to restore your smile? If so, you’re not alone. Many patients with dentures seek the benefits of fixed, permanent solutions using dental implants. In this blog, we’ll explore the journey from dentures to permanent dental implant solutions and how it can transform your life.

The Limitations of Dentures

Dentures have been a traditional go-to solution for people with missing teeth. While they can be effective, they come with a set of challenges. Denture wearers often face issues such as:

  1. Instability: Dentures can slip or become loose when speaking or eating, causing discomfort and self-consciousness.
  2. Maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance of dentures can be time-consuming and cumbersome.
  3. Aesthetic Concerns: Many denture wearers are dissatisfied with the appearance, as dentures may not look as natural as they’d like and do not contribute to a more natural facial profile like a dental implant supported bridge. They are also less stain resistant compared to Zirconia Dental Bridges 
  4. Dietary Restrictions and Durability: Certain foods may need to be avoided, as chewing can be challenging with dentures. Dentures are also not as durable and are more likely to break and require frequent repairs compared to fixed dental bridges. 
  5. Function: Speech and phonetics can be impacted by ill fitting dentures. Dentures are also inconvenient to maintain since you need to remove them every night before going to bed. 

The Promise of Dental Implants and a Fixed, permanent dental bridge 

Dental implants offer a more permanent and stable solution for those seeking to restore their smile. Here’s why they’re worth considering:

  1. Fixed, Natural Feel: Dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone, serving as artificial tooth roots. This provides a fixed, stable foundation for replacement teeth. It feels and functions just like your natural teeth.
  2. Improved Aesthetics: Dental implant restorations are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. They look and feel authentic, boosting your self-confidence. The Zirconia restorations are also stronger and stain resistant compared to dentures. 
  3. Enhanced Comfort: Say goodbye to the discomfort and inconvenience of loose dentures. Dental implants are secure, fixed and stable, and won’t move around in your mouth.
  4. No Dietary Restrictions: With dental implants, you can enjoy your favorite foods without worrying about chewing difficulties.
  5. Bone Conservation: The presence of Dental Implants in the jawbone keeps the stimulus required to prevent bone loss. In addition, bone augmentation can be done in some cases to help build up the bone in your jaw, which helps with implant stabilization. Your facial profile will look more natural with dental implants and a fixed bridge. 
  6. Dental Implant Strengths: Dental implant solutions address all the limitations that come with dentures. Dental implants, along with a custom milled titanium bar and zirconia bridge, allow for a fixed and permeant solution for missing teeth that can last a lifetime. 

The Journey to Computer Guided Dental Implants

Embarking on the journey from dentures to dental implants involves several key steps:

  1. Consultation: Start by taking advantage of your free dental implant consultation. We will assess your oral health, discuss your goals, and develop a personalized treatment plan.
    • Starting with the Ideal Restoration: The process commences with the envisioning and design of the optimal restoration. This involves a detailed and comprehensive understanding of your unique needs, including aesthetic desires, functional requirements, and other considerations.
    • Comprehensive Approach: Instead of focusing solely on implant placement, this philosophy takes a comprehensive approach. It recognizes that the restoration’s success depends not just on the dental implants themselves but on how they support the final design. The goal is to harmonize the patient’s appearance, comfort, and oral health in the best possible way.
    • Integration with CT Scans and technology: Once you have decided to proceed, we then take 3D CBCT scans, 3D intraoral scans, 3D facial scans for diagnoses, and planning. 
    • We will discuss your specific case and findings and give you treatment options along with their respective costs. 
  1. Consultation: Start by taking advantage of your free dental implant consultation. We will assess your oral health, discuss your goals, and develop a personalized treatment plan.
  1. Implant Placement: All done on the same day, the dental implant process typically involves the extraction of unwanted teeth, bone augmentation if required, guided placement of dental implants into your jawbone, and placement of fixed temporary bridges in most cases. Over time, these dental implants fuse with the bone, creating a sturdy foundation for your new teeth.
  2. Custom Restoration: Once the dental implants have fully integrated with the bone, we will create and attach a custom milled titanium bar and your final zirconia restoration. This modern and precise solution produces a natural fit and appearance. The unique aspect of this restoration is that it is retrievable by your us, allowing for maintenance and adjustments if needed.
  3. Enjoy Your New Smile: With your dental implants in place, you’ll experience a transformation in your appearance, confidence, and quality of life. You can smile, speak, and eat with comfort and self-assurance.

The Journey to Computer Guided Dental Implants

It’s important to note that the process at our practice is conducted with the latest technology, utilizing computer-guided methods. This allows for precision in implant placement and restoration design. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of dental technology allows us to give you treatment options that are not commonly available elsewhere.

Your New Beginning

The transition from dentures to a fixed dental implant solution is a journey that can lead to a renewed sense of self. It offers a permanent, natural, and confident smile that allows you to enjoy life to the fullest. If you’re considering this transformation, book your professional consultation with us to explore your options and create a plan tailored to your specific needs.

Rediscover the joy of a beautiful, confident smile with dental implants. Your path to a permanent solution, combined with advanced technology and a custom milled titanium bar with zirconia restoration, is just a consultation away.

Frequently ASked questions

Question: What are the potential risks or complications associated with the dental implant process, and how are these managed or mitigated?

Answer: Potential risks or complications associated with the dental implant process can include infection, nerve damage, or damage to surrounding teeth or structures. These risks are mitigated through careful assessment of the patient’s oral health, thorough planning, and adherence to strict surgical protocols. In cases where complications arise, prompt intervention and follow-up care are essential to ensure successful outcomes. Additionally, the benefits of computer-guided methods can further mitigate these risks by providing more predictable and favorable outcomes.

Question: Are there any specific factors that might make someone a better candidate for dentures versus permanent dental implant bridges, and how is this determined during the consultation process?

Answer: The decision between dentures and permanent dental implant bridges is based on various factors, including the patient’s oral health, bone density, overall health, and personal preferences. During the consultation process, a thorough evaluation is conducted to determine the most suitable treatment option. Factors such as the number of missing teeth, the condition of the remaining teeth, and the patient’s lifestyle and budget are considered when determining candidacy for each option. It’s important to note that while dentures are a common temporary solution, implant solutions are more permanent and offer advantages such as improved stability and longevity.

Question: How long does the entire process of transitioning from dentures to dental implants typically take, from the initial consultation to the final restoration attachment?

Answer: The entire process of transitioning from dentures to dental implants can vary depending on individual cases. However, in general, the process can take several months to complete. This includes the initial consultation and assessment, implant placement surgery, osseointegration (the process of the implants fusing with the jawbone), and the placement of the final restoration. The exact timeline will be discussed with the patient during the initial consultation, taking into account their specific needs and treatment plan. It’s also important to consider that dentures usually need more frequent maintenance and repairs and remakes, compared to dental implants which offer a more permanent solution.

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