Full Mouth Reconstruction

Often Referred to as a ‘Mini Facelift’

Full mouth or bite reconstruction is designed to improve the health, function and appearance of your smile. Treatments which make up full mouth reconstruction may include veneers, crowns or implants, or a combination of these procedures.

Before & After: Full Mouth Reconstruction


Before & After: All-on-6 Dental Implants


Signs You May Need a Bite Reconstruction

You may need a full mouth reconstruction if your teeth are poorly positioned, misshapen, fractured, chipped, stained, worn down or esthetically displeasing. A bad bite may cause frequent headaches, neck aches and pain in your jaw. Your bite may account for problems with speaking, swallowing or chewing.

Regaining Facial Proportions

After many years of tooth wear or tooth loss, some patients can find themselves with a worn or “collapsed” bite. This in turn can result in unfavourable facial changes and discomfort in the jaw joints (TMJ’s). This leads to the appearance of “premature aging”.

In these cases, rebuilding the bite may be required.

What Is The Treatment Process?

Full mouth reconstruction is broken down into several visits to gently restore your smile to its full potential. Treatment begins with a full assessment of your teeth and a custom treatment plan which meets all your needs. Digital impressions are taken to build a model and plan your ideal bite. A 3D intraoral scanner means no messy goo-filled trays needed! An orthotic may be made to test drive your new bite. Once you and your dentist are happy with this roadmap, tooth preparation will allow room for crowns, bridges, implants or veneers. The process will include temporary crowns to be worn while your smile is completely designed and constructed. Once your optimized permanent treatment is ready, temporary crowns will be removed and your fully customized porcelain restorations will be placed. You will be all ready to show off your radiant new smile!

Change Your Smile, Change Your Life!