Single Tooth Dental Implants

Dental Implant vs Tooth Supported Bridge?

Today, for single tooth replacement, a dental implant is considered to be “The Standard of Care”. Compared to shaving down adjacent teeth to support a false tooth, as is the case in a tooth supported bridge, a dental implant preserves adjacent tooth structure and is less invasive, especially when a computer-guided implant placement method is used.

Digital Dentistry & Single Implant Crowns

Once a dental implant is placed, the final implant position can be scanned digitally and using CAD-CAM technology, the final screw retained crown can be manufactured at the same appointment!

However, while it is technically possible to place a dental implant, and then scan and manufacture the final crown on the same day, is usually not advisable to do so. This is because any inadvertent heavy forces on a newly placed implant might move it (even fractionally ) within the bone, and that might in turn lead to failure of the dental implant.

Therefore we usually wait for a suitable period of integration of the implant and bone before the final crown is placed.

A specific test call an ISQ (Implant Stability Quotient), is done and this helps us to determine the appropriate length of time to wait for osseointegration prior to placing the final crown.

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